Necessity Is the Mother of Invention”

The Wine Door

…and it was this need which gave birth to the creation of the Wine Door.

The Wine Door began as an idea I had for storing some wine which my son left with me when he moved from California to Washington, DC.  Being quite a wine enthusiast, his collection was larger than the space I had for conventional wine storage.  Having limited room to store the wine, I elected to use the remaining space in my pantry closet.  But while the pantry was able to hold some of the bottles, I still needed more space. 

Then an idea came while looking at my rather plain, blank pantry door:  create a door that could hold the wine itself, yet still be sensible.  I wanted it to be uniquely attractive, but also a solid, sturdy, and functional door. When finished, one would still be able to easily access any items in the pantry when needed, but when closed, it would stand as an elegant vertical wine display rack, but not an apparent doorway at first sight.        

What I did not foresee was that the Wine Door would not only become the focal point of the room, but of my entire house.  Now we want to share the Wine Door with everyone!       


In Essence

The Wine Door offers a unique solution to the large cumbersome wine racks by combining all of the features of a custom-built wine rack in a unit that is designed to fit into an existing space you already have in your house. This revolutionary, patented idea combines a wine rack with an interior door, giving you all of the benefits of a traditional wine rack incorporated into a finely crafted hardwood door.  By utilizing an existing doorway in your home, you can create a custom wine storage and display area that is unique, attractive, and yet still functional.

Each door is hand-crafted here in the US by skilled craftsman and artisans following the specifications for your personal door.  These solid oak wood doors are built to provide years of service. We proudly offer five different beautifully blended wood finishes in the most frequently used interior door sizes.  Each door is numbered to verify that it is a certified Wine Door produced in accordance with our patented design and construction processes.

Jeannine Cherry
Owner and Founder

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